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Fun facts about classic cars

We are in love with classic cars. It could be because of their powerful speed, the roaring sound of their engines or their slick design – whatever rings your bell, a classic car has it. These amazing vehicles have captured the admiration of many drivers for over a century, and in all this time their history has been embellished with an infinite number of fun facts. Here are just a few of them, guaranteed to surprise you.

Classic cars are considered to be the models manufactured between 1896 and 1966. However, the ones produced between the end of the 19th century and 1915 are named horseless carriages. Very few of these wonderful pieces of history have survived to this day, and even fewer can still be driven.

Today, if you own a car you must have an insurance policy for it. This will get you out of a lot of trouble if you are involved in an unfortunate accident. However, the concept of insuring your vehicle is not that new. The first policy is recorded to have been bought in 1897 in a little town called Westfield, Massachusetts.

Up until 1913, cars were only available for the rich members of the upper class who still considered them as a luxury item built to impress their guests. It was in that year that the automobile became accessible for the working class with the mass-production of the Ford Model T that came at a lower price and which spurred an entire revolution in transportation.

Many classic cars that have been produced in limited series have been completely lost over the years. Others have been safely kept in personal collections but in numbers so small that have significantly increased their value with each passing year. It is the case of the Plymouth Hemi Barracuda, of which just seven models have been manufactured and only three have survived to this day. One of them has been sold in 2014 for no less than $3.5 million.