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Launch date: April 2010

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As you may expect, customers want to receive a high level of personal service when looking for car hire, which means that customer retention should be maintained as part of a successful hire agreement and not kept in call queues, made to wait or subjected to automated messages and menu options. Better to employ well trained permanent staff who can deal with customers in the we know customers would like to be treated.

Classic Cars:

It goes without saying that a classical car hire for special occasions, weddings or birthdays will bring that extra surprise and meaning to any occasion.

It has been brought to my attention that some members have been getting confused by the calender, as a result all entries will now state whether or not the events are supported by the club (eg other club shows) or if they are club events (eg Chip Shop runs). However there are events listed that are not club supported (eg Llandudno, Malvern, London Motor Show). These have been listed because of requests by organisers or because they may be of interest to members or other visitors to our site. Since the launch of the site we have had over 8,000 hits which include visits from USA, Dubai, Australia & New Zealand. If you are having problems with the calender please do not hesitate to contact me. You may have noticed that a forum page has been started if you wish to start up a classic car related topic that's the place to go

There are now over 100 photos of Sunday's show available in the Photo Gallery lin some have got titles the rest will be updated as soon as possible. If anyone would like to include details of their car please drop me a line and i'll add the details. Club Secretary's infrequent musing's of events and motoring related items. Members who join the website can also add their own Blogs or comments. So if you want to join in just sign up for FREE access Another event this weekend is on Sunday, We have a picnic run meet at St Clears @ 10:30am and Tesco in Carmarthen to leave at 11:15. We will then proceed to Llandovery before making our way along the Drovers Heritage Tour taking in the Devil's Staircase and the Llyn Brianne Reservoir Again lets hope the Sun is shining

Our club show held in the grounds of Scolton Manor, nr HaverfordwestClassic Cars, Vans, Commercials, Tractors, Stationary EnginesKiddies Rides, Caterers in Attendance, Autojumble, Craft StallsFor Entry forms see our show page or enter online via our Held in the grounds of the museum in CALNE, WiltshireI entered this show last year and was impressed with the turn outSome unusual cars including TATA's could be viewedFree entry to the museum is also available on the dayWell worth a visit anytime. It's a strange fact, but it has come to my notice that a classic car club not only needs members but those members need cars. If anyone would like to share their tales of woe with others what better place than here.

Why do we love classic cars?

Modern cars are nothing short of technological wonders. Equipped with the latest technologies and smart communication devices as well as proving the mechanical prowess of the brightest engineers in the world, these vehicles are a must have for anyone who wants to travel safe and comfortable. With so many benefits to them, it still comes as a surprise why some people still prefer buying an old car. Actually, our love for classic cars has even made the subject of serious scientific research, and there are many reasons why we would choose a 1953 Corvette over a 2016 Chevrolet SUV on any day of the week.

The first reason lies with the spectacular design that defines classic cars. Nowadays, we are treated to the same architectural lines of a car, which only change a little from one brand to another. Buying something out of the ordinary usually brings a big and irreparable blow to our budget. However, with classic cars you can never go wrong. Many series used to be the result of manual labor and actual artists used to work on them as sculptors would do on a block of stone. Their design is so smooth and unique that it will impress your escorts as soon as you drive up the alley to pick them up. Every girl likes to be driven in a luxurious car that will match their beauty and their lust for life.

Another reason why we love classic cars is that they boast a certain type of impetuous personality that can be traced down to its mechanical features. Modern cars have a one-piece assembled engine that is electrically commanded. A common breakdown may result from an electronic glitch rather that from an overused mechanical part. Classic cars have a wide range of various parts that come together to form a powerful engine whose unique character can be heard every time your foot touches the gas pedal. Beautiful women like London escorts from love nothing more than to push their limits and try something exciting. Letting them go for a ride in your classic car is sure to make their day.

Anyone who has driven a classic car knows the feeling of absolute control that you get behind their wheels. Having to adjust the gears, the fuel intake or the clutch takes driving to a whole new level and makes for a wonderful experience. Many owners of such vehicles are reluctant to let anyone else drive their precious possession. However, if you want to establish a closer bond with your escorts then you should invite them to take your classic car for a spin every now and then. This way, she will appreciate your company even more and will gladly accept to meet you again and again.

Nostalgia is a powerful motivation for those who choose to buy a classic car. Some of us crave for the simpler times, when these cars were mirroring your social status and London escorts were jumping at the chance to be taken for a ride. These girls have a great taste for vintage machinery, so even today they will be delighted to go on a date if you promise to drive them in a classic car.